Marking System

The marking system for this Cariology Project is as follows:
  • Maximum of 15% for Organisation: the content of the topic is systematically organised, presentable, readable, referenced and grammatically error free.
  • Maximum of 25% for Content: there is sufficient scientific information and detail.
  • Maximum of 25% for Accuracy: the information presented is accurate, not misleading and comes from scientific literature (journals, books or online journals) and scientific or educational websites.
  • Maximum of 15% for Creativity: the content is supported and the understanding of the information is enhanced with illustrations, photos, tables, drawings, or even videos.
  • Maximum of 20% for Teamwork: all members of the group have contributed to the project and have also made contributions to other group topics other than their own.
The Cariology Project will comprise 50% of your final Cariology mark and the other 50% will come from your final assessment.

For the final assessment students will be examined on the Cariology Topics developed by the 6 groups plus Chapters 3, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19 from "Dental Caries. The Disease and its Clinical Management 2nd edition" edited by Ole Fejerskov and Edwina Kidd. Oxford: Blackwell Munksgaard Ltd., 2008.

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